Veteran's Day 2020

Where the deals will be this year

Veteran's Day is our Super Bowl. It is the one day of the year that even the most jaded civilian is reminded that approximately 18.8 million Americans gave up their freedom and dedicated their lives to serve and protect our great country. We did it not to get thanks, or a free hamburger once a year. We did it because we love this country! However, it is nice when local businesses do want to honor our sacrifice. With that being said, we have compiled three online resources that we feel you should check out to maximize your Veteran's Day deals. Rest up the night before, it's going to be epic!

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Restaurants & more

This list is compiled yearly by and includes 2020 Veteran's Day free meals, discounts, sales and deals.

Shopping deals

This is another great list compiled by that includes 2020 Veteran's Day deals on restaurants, goods, services and events.

Freebies & discounts

Lastly, a comprehensive list by that includes free meals, haircuts, car washes, etc., for 2020 Veteran's Day.

Remember, no discount is worth exposing your personal information for. Be smart, and protect your identity from theft. Click here to read our article on how to stay vigilant and protect yourself when applying for veteran discounts.

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